For Moroccan fruit exporter Lady B, the Nadorcott season has been a positive one, says Khalid Bourass, General Manager of the company: “The cultivation of Nadorcotts this season has been successful. We have implemented advanced agricultural practices to ensure the health and productivity of our orchards. This includes proper irrigation management, monitoring of pests and diseases, as well as balanced tree nutrition. We have also performed regular pruning and thinning to guarantee a high-quality harvest.”

There were some hardships during the cultivation, but nothing the company could not fix or mitigate, Bourass explains. “Weather conditions did have an impact on production this season. We had to deal with variable conditions, such as periods of intense heat and irregular precipitation. These climate variations can affect tree growth and fruit maturation. However, we always assume that a well-nourished and healthy tree is more resistant to various stresses. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we were able to adapt our agricultural practices to minimize the negative effects of the weather. For example, we used efficient irrigation systems to maintain adequate moisture levels in the orchards, and we took measures to protect the trees from extreme temperatures.”

Bourass states that there will be more volumes available for Lady B compared to the last few years: “In terms of volumes compared to previous seasons, we are delighted to announce an increase in production this year. Through the expansion of our orchards and the improvement of our cultivation techniques, we have been able to increase our production capacity. This allows us to meet the growing demand from our customers.”

And the demand of Lady B’s clients is at a strong level according to Bourass. “The current demand for Nadorcotts is very encouraging. In our main markets such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, we are witnessing sustained and growing demand. Customers appreciate the flavor of Nadorcotts and the ease of peeling associated with this specific variety. However, it is important to note that demand may vary from one market to another. Some markets may experience higher demand due to consumer familiarity with the variety, specific marketing campaigns, or strategic partnerships with local distributors.”

Although Lady B has their set markets, they also would like to enter some new markets over the course of the current season, Bourass explains: “Our main export markets have a constant demand for high-quality citrus fruits and Nadorcotts meet their expectations in terms of taste, quality and ease of handling. In addition to these markets, we’re also targeting other countries, such as Sweden, the Middle East, France, Italy, Germany and Russia, among others.”

“For the upcoming Nadorcott season we have high expectations. We plan to continue increasing our production capacity to meet the growing demand in international markets. We will continue to invest in research and development to constantly improve the flavor and quality of Nadorcotts. Additionally, we will strengthen partnerships with our key customers to ensure efficient distribution and regular availability of Nadorcotts in target markets. We’re proud of the results achieved so far in the season,” Bourass concludes.

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