After peaking in week 45, Belgian cucumber prices fell slightly over the last two weeks. Week 47 cannot match the 2022 price but is well above the five-year average. The same goes for tomato prices. Those, though, remain well above 2022 prices. Strawberry prices are also very high, although their median price dropped somewhat last week.

After tomato prices rebounded in mid-October, those for loose tomatoes and TOVs decreased. In week 47, a kilo of loose tomatoes fetched, on average, €1.145, with €1.743 being paid for a kg of TOV. Prices were, thus, stable compared to week 46.

The median cucumber price situation was similar. Those reached €0.656 in week 47.

Last week, lettuce was more expensive, rising to an average €0.822 a head.

Strawberry median prices have been climbing since week 40. That ended in week 47, when that price dipped slightly to €9.01/kg, rounded off. That is still much higher than in previous years and the five-year average. That price also dropped slightly in recent years, around this time of year in the run-up to Christmas.

The Elsanta variety's median price of €9,851 is still higher than average. The reason for that is common knowledge: low volumes, as Michel's Stefan Bosmans pointed out recently.

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