Buyers and importers of avocados, mangoes, lemons and exotic fruits are challenged by rural growers deep in the highlands of Colombia to “get out of your comfort zones, leave your chair and get on the back of a mule,” says Claudia Bernal, owner of Mountain Range Produce.

She says they started their first shipment of fresh lemons during the middle of November. Their avocados will be ready at the beginning of December. “We are calculating a good harvest, over 200 tons of only premium avocado on sizes from 40 to up 60 and a few 70s,” states Bernal. The farms are situated in Antioquia, Colombia, the mountain where the Andes come together.

Claudia Bernal

“We ‘The Farmers’ are extending the invitation to you ‘the buyers and the consumers’ to visit our land and the products still hanging on the trees. Come and check it out, find out how we live, how we farm, how we deal. Come take a break in the Mountain Range to see what we produce. One thing I promise: You will be amazed by the freshness, beauty and authenticity of the place, the produce and the people who are inviting you. Dealing with the farmer directly will give you assurance and confidence about what are you getting, what are you selling and eating. There is no splitting commissions between three or more intermediaries, not a product that passes from many hands before reaching the table. It is clean, fresh, single origin and well-crafted products that have imprinted the seal of responsibility! Come and sit in our table to discuss business that last and is initiated with a handshake. We don't disappear, you know where to find us over and over. Mountain Range Produce have the mule ready for you!” exclaims Bernal.

So far, the buyers who sat in the seat on the mule’s to visit their lemon and avocado farm were from Tampa Florida and Fresno California. “We also get some inquiries from Dubai and other countries that want the products on a regular basis. But, we want more visitors. We want to sell avocados but also, we want to introduce the beauty of the Mountain Range farms, we have avocado, lemon, coffee, pineapple, peppers, lemongrass, plantains and many amazing birds and flowers,” states Bernal.

Other visitors they received include PhD students from UC Riverside in the US. “We take visitors very seriously. The PhD students are working on the Hass avocado pathology program who are very interested on extending their studies on a global basis. One of the students is my Daughter Valentina,” explains Bernal.

“Our target audience are the clean eaters, the people that care for what they eat and want to connect with the farmer that is crafting only good produce. Ensuring care for the land and the environment, we are the farmers, we are educated, responsible and committed with our products and the consumers we are always at the same place because the trees won't move plus we like visitors. Everybody is welcome to the Mountain Range in Colombia. After you get to know it, you will always want to come back. It is the magic of the woods and the jungle mixed with the taste of a fresh product. The tamed mule and the best coffee in the rainforest environment will be one of the best experiences,” concludes Bernal.

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