Efforts are on to grow cranberries in India. This fruit is very beneficial for the heart and plays a role in maintaining the glow of the skin. According to Dr. Naved Sabri, Chief Scientist of Pusa Institute (IARI), efforts are being made to grow this crop in Andhra and Maharashtra and like Indian blueberries, it will also be visible in the vegetable market soon. Cranberries are called Karonda in India, but it is completely different from Indian cranberries. The botanical names of both are also different.

Cranberry is originally native to the marshy lands of North America and North Central Europe and is widely used in various Christmas dishes. This small fruit is considered very beneficial for the body.

American research has proven that cranberries not only have blood pressure controlling properties, the fruit also has antithrombothy (prevents blood clotting) and anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling) properties. Constituents have also been found which contribute to normalizing the functioning of the heart. Research also shows that this fruit also has the ability to prevent urinary infections.

Source: connexionblog.com