The strawberry plugs of Nova Siri Genetics varieties were distribute last week while, this week, it will be the turn of fresh ones. Destination countries are those in the Mediterranean basin, i.e. southern Italy, Spain, Greece, Albania, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia.

The varieties offered by the NSG breeding program are Melissa, NSG 203 – Marimbella®, NSG 207 – Gioelita® e NSG 465 – Rossetta®. Multiplication was carried out by 10 nurseries licensed by NSG in Spain, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands in area with specific soil and weather conditions. The total volume expected is 130 million plants, 90% of which fresh with the remaining 10% plugs, in line with demand.

NSG plugs, in fact, produce fruits already in the late fall, thus generating an advantage compared with fresh plants, which start producing early in the year in a staggered manner until May/June, making it possible to meet market demand in a more satisfactory manner, which is higher in spring.

Potted plant nursery - Spain

The nurseries licensed by NSG in Spain include Viveros California, whose EMEA director Antonio Infante reports that "the NSG cultivars we produce in our nurseries show positive trends in their respective market segments, contributing to the ongoing success of the Huelva agricultural sector. In particular, Marimbella® showed constant growth in the production of early fruit. Its adaptability to the climate and early production have made it a popular choice with the region's producers, contributing to its demand."

Pasquale Casalnuovo (NSG), Karolina and Marcin in the Siekierska nursery - Poland

Positive feedback is also coming in from the Polish nurseries. In particular, Marcin and Karolina from the Siekierska nursery report that "this is our fourth campaign with NSG cultivars, whose growth in Poland is excellent. We appreciate them mostly for their productivity and rusticity and this year, thanks to the innovative crop techniques and the favorable weather, we believe we can supply plants of excellent quality. The hours of light have gradually been reducing since mid-August, plants are no longer germinating and are ready to be uprooted."

Once uprooted, plants are accurately selected, packaged and loaded onto refrigerated trucks. Delivery to producers is within 48/60 hours depending on their location.

Carmela Suriano in a Polish nursery

Carmela Suriano, EMEA director of the research company, adds that "considering the condition of nurseries and the increase in the market share of our varieties within the Mediterranean basin, expectations for this campaign are rather positive. NSG cultivars meet various producer needs: Marimbella® is appreciated for its earliness and productivity, Melissa boasts excellent results when it comes to organic and zero residue production, Rossetta® is increasingly used to meet demand from specialized market segments requiring consistent fruits with uniform grades suitable for different types of packaging solution thanks to its organoleptic qualities and appealing fruits."

For the fourth year running, Nova Siri Genetics will attend Fruit Attraction in Madrid (October 3rd-5th), in Hall 9 - Stand G07.

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