Prices of vegetables, garlic, ginger and green chilli have witnessed further prices hikes in the last seven days, augmenting sufferings of the commoners. Prices of brinjal, okra, snake gourd, tomato and leafy vegetables rose by Tk5.0-15 a kg or bunch while prices of cauliflower, cucumber and carrot remained static.

Brinjal prices hit Tk 60-70 a kg and okra Tk 90-100 a kg on Thursday. Tomato prices witnessed a slight hike as the item retailed at Tk 40-50 a kg. Green chilli prices reached Tk150-180 a kg showing Tk30 hike in a week.

Prices of imported garlic reached Tk200-220 a kg and that of ginger went up to Tk200-320 a kg marking Tk20-30 hike, said grocers and vendors. Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) secretary Humayun Kabir Bhuiyan said prices of most of the essential commodities continued to increase hurting millions of less well-off consumers.

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