After a slower start the Turkish apples have performed rather well this season, says Kubra Guven, marketing manager of Ana Fruit. “This year, the crop quality and harvest for Turkish apples was very good. Demand started a bit slow, but has picked up later in the season in some of the target markets like India. At this very moment, the trade is all going sound and steady. Overall the season has been rather stable, routinely having its ups and downs in the various markets.”

Naturally Ana Fruit has been doing what it can to help the victims of the devastating earthquake, Guven explains: “Turkey has been dealt a rough hand with the heart-breaking earthquakes that have hit the country, which has the entire population in grief. As a company, Ana Fruit has been sending our resources to the regions from the beginning and we hope to overcome the effects of this disaster as soon as possible. When it comes to the trade, some of our containers have also been affected by the earthquake and are still waiting in the port for damage evaluation to be finished. However, we immediately started shipping substitute loadings to our clients via other ports, in order to not break the supply chain." 

It’ll be a few more months until the Turkish apple season is over, and Guven states that the company intends to keep shipping steady volumes until June. “As of now, demand is looking quite good. Our main markets for the apples are South Asia and the Middle East. When it comes to the best-selling varieties, Red Delicious and Granny Smith were the most popular we exported this year, as well as the Rose Globe variety. We aim to continue our season until early June, and intend to keep shipping steady volumes, of the quality that our clients are accustomed to.” 

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