Most industries require the presence and operation of production and processing enterprises. The Ukrainian potato industry  has seven starch factories. One of them is listed among the top 10 of best starch production companies in the world and it is one of the largest potato starch manufacturers in eastern Europe.

Currently, their capacity is sufficient not only to meet domestic needs (9,000-12,000 tons of potato starch, which is used mostly for meat-processing industry), but also for export (more than 18,000 tons in case of regular supply of raw materials to factories).

There are factories for the production of chips in Ukraine:
- TM "Lux" (Mondelez),
- TM Lays (Pepsico),
- local producer "Club of Chips" (LLC "Snack Product"), which has several production sites and manufactures products under the TM Chipsters, as well as Private Label ATB "Svoya Liniya".

For many years, the companies that wash and pack potatoes for retail operate in Ukraine, among them TM "Ovochista" (PP "Impak"), TM "Matusya Potusia" (a group of Green Guild companies), TM "Freshko" (a project of the ATK agricultural holding for the sale of washed potatoes in a number of retail chains, own potato production of the company is closed, and the washing project is working well even now).

Last year the washing lines were installed by Technologies Ukraine LLC, agricultural holdings Continental Farmers Group and BestPotato (potato division "Mais"). Before the war, the country needed at least 10 enterprises like that, ideally one in each region.

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