The latest novelty for fruit harvesting is the Helpy-04, an electric flatbed and platform wagon for fruit picking, tree pruning and hail net installation, equipped with a joystick or radio control. It is a game changer produced by Ecogreen Italia of Renazzo, in the province of Ferrara.

Helpy-04 (Photo: Ecogreen Italia)

"It is an evolution of our Helpy machine," said Leonardo Zanarini, owner of the company. "It has a taller structure, greater power supplied by 4 electric motors of 750 W each and greater autonomy provided by 6 batteries of 260 Ah each. It is configured as an essential aid in the harvesting of fruits such as apples, pears, cherries, kiwis, peaches, as well as in the pruning of espalier orchards and the installation of hail nets."

Helpy-04 (Photo: Ecogreen Italy)

Helpy-04 has a battery charger included, a range of about 40 hours and a maximum speed of 4.00 km/h. It features 4-wheel drive and an empty weight of 500 kg. The platform is 95 cm high, 135 cm wide and 145 cm long. The closed platform has a width of 150 cm, while open it is 350 cm wide.

"We presented our Helpy-04 at the Interpoma fair in Bolzano," continued Zanarini. "Visitors particularly appreciated it, as it represents a viable alternative to classic tractor-drawn harvesting carts, and it is an affordable product innovation, especially for small and medium-sized fruit producers. We have already received some orders for Helpy-04, particularly from fruit growers in Eastern European countries."

Helpy-04 (Photo: Ecogreen Italy)

Ecogreen Speedy: a three-wheel electric vehicle for transporting nursery carts

Another machine presented at Interpoma last November is Ecogreen Speedy. "The solution features 2 motors of 650 W each, 2 rear drive wheels, 4 batteries 260 Ah each," explained Zanarini. "It has at least 16 hours of autonomy and has a battery charger included. It operates through knobs with motor brake and has a maximum speed of 10 km/h. It has a 60x140 cm loading surface, with an empty weight of 200 kg."

"At the fair in Bolzano, it encountered a fair amount of interest, but we are counting on it to be even more successful at the next edition of Macfrut," concluded Zanarini.

Ecogreen Speedy is already in use at several plant nurseries in Italy, particularly in Lombardy and Sicily, and customers say they are very satisfied with the machine's ease of use and efficiency.

The company is part of Cermac as it is internationally oriented.

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