White and red cabbage exports are going well. "We're doing nice trade," says Martin Bolhuis of Tuindersbelang. This Dutch company centrally organizes some 60 cabbage growers' sales. "Volumes are normal and in line with other years, but prices are higher."

"Depending on its size, white cabbage is selling for between €0.32 and €0.50; red for €0.38 to €0.42. Those are great prices. Demand is also quite broad. Germany's taking noticeably more, and exports to the United Kingdom, France, and Spain are going well too," continues Martin.

"Eastern Europe still has its own stock, but we've gotten some tentative inquiries. Given the yields, we cannot rule out shortages later in the season, and I expect demand from Ukraine again. They're having issues with electricity, making storage difficult."

"I don't foresee any major changes on the market in the next while. Exports have kept flowing well over the past few days. Fortunately, the cabbages' quality is good. There was some concern that they'd not get much bigger, but they grew well over the last few months. We don't have excessive quantities, but there are cabbages of all sizes in cold storage," Martin concludes.

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