According to data collected by ASAJA-Almeria, the prices of several horticultural products have fallen in the province. Pear tomato and red California pepper prices fell by 28%, and the Fino zucchini Fino had the strongest drop (-44%) and is now being sold at 0.89 cents. In fact, the price of Fino zucchini has fallen by 36% over the same period of 2021, when it stood at 1.40 euro/kg price.

"Aubergine and cucumber producers have had a respite. While it's true that we must be cautious because of the instability that has characterized the previous campaigns and the current one, the value of long aubergine has increased from 1.06 euro/kg to 1.68 euro/kg during the same period. Almeria's cucumber prices, which fell to almost 0.44 euro/kg in the month of October, have rebounded to one euro, where they remain," ASAJA-Almeria stated.

"We remain hopeful that, now that Christmas is around the corner, consumers will bet on the quality of the local product. These have been complicated months for producers. The increase of most inputs and the excessive cost of electricity continues to tarnish this campaign and is strongly limiting the sector." "What's worse is that producers don't get to decide the price of their product. Large distributors continue to decide what prices the agri-food sector will be paid, and the prices they set are not working in favor of achieving a balance of the agri-food chain," stated Adoracion Blanque, the president of ASAJA Almeria.

In view of this situation, ASAJA-Almeria has asked authorities to review the practices that are hurting farmers, which despite being essential for society, continue to be the weakest link in the chain. "We need the Ministry of Agriculture to immediately and effectively implement the Chain Law, a law that prohibits sales below production costs to guarantee the survival of thousands of farms and a leading sector for the country's economy," Blanque stated.


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