Organic citrus fruit with a positive impact, grown on preserved land in western Andalusia. This is the commitment of DaVida, the new brand developed by Arco Fruits for the French organic market. The goal is to make this brand the reference of a new organic agriculture. But DaVida also wants to become an identity carrying the message that a new way of cultivation and consumption is possible, respectful of all living organisms. “This production is unique and ahead of the current regulations”, integrating the principles of agroecology as well as the environmental, social and societal dimensions.

DaVida wants to give meaning back to organic farming at a time when consumers can feel lost due to the multitude of labels present on the market. Arco Fruits believes in the potential of this new brand which “will bring significant and sustainable change to the organic fruit sector. We want to create a movement that makes sense and meets the expectations of today’s consumers, who are increasingly mindful of their impact on the environment.”

Besides these organic citrus fruits, DaVida offers fruits with the CO2 Neutral certification for “zero carbon footprint from production to delivery to retailers. The 100% organic orchard of "La finca El Zumajo" has a positive impact by slowing global warming. It acts as a carbon sink by storing CO2 through a natural mechanism comparable to the oceans and certain continental environments such as growing forests, peat bogs…”

Passionate people committed to the agriculture of tomorrow
At the origin of this movement, Jean Contreras and Carlos Morera are both passionate and committed to agriculture practices that respect living organisms and consumers. Convinced that “tomorrow’s organic farming will be different from what we know today”, they decided to rely on other agricultural practices, thus becoming “pioneers” of agroecology in Spain. In the late 1990s, Carlos Morera chose some land in the Comarca de la Cuenca Minera, at an altitude of 434 meters, with the aim of cultivating "ethical and sustainable" organic citrus fruits.

An isolated orchard of 1,200 ha located on an eco-terroir: La finca El Zumajo
Producing such "ethical and sustainable citrus fruits with a positive impact” is made possible thanks to a unique land isolated from any external contamination within a 40 km radius: La Finca El Zumajo. The entire production system of this family estate of 1,200 ha, managed in agroecology since 1989, has been redesigned to meet the specifications of organic farming. The fruits benefit from a particularly favorable topography due to the hilly plots, each with its own microclimate, an "essential ingredient for tasty and colorful fruit in all seasons".

From the beginning, the Finca production of organic citrus fruit has been the object of joint studies with the universities of Valencia and Castellón which have allowed, among other things, an efficient and responsible use of water (water consumption reduced by 30% in 4 years), the natural management and control of pests, the protection of the soil against erosion and a sustainable enrichment and fertilization of the soil with microorganisms.

Continuous varietal improvement
“We select our new species carefully and we plant them in an experimental orchard. After selection, we plant a large-scale commercial orchard to test the real agronomic aptitudes and to be able to offer them to our clients. These demonstration orchards also allow us to monitor flowering and ripening in addition to the fruit analyses: categories, calibers, firmness, sugar levels,” explains Jean Contreras, general director of Arco Fruits.

Starting this year (2022-2023), Arco Fruits is committed to harvesting and marketing new early and late varieties of oranges in order to guarantee supply all year round on the organic market. For the 2024-2025 campaign, the company wants to add new varieties of organic clementines that will allow the campaign to spread until the end of spring. This year’s production has increased by 20% and should continue to grow in the future. “Each year, our model brings us closer to the yields from the conventional market, which suggests that our production might become more accessible.” This success should encourage the company to conquer other European markets.

In order to maintain a coherent global approach, Arco Fruits has changed the packaging of its merchandise. The ethical and sustainable citrus fruits are packed in recycled or recyclable cardboard boxes with ecological openings and compostable stickers.

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