As part of a project to relaunch and invest in the Italian professional horticultural market, Med Hermes Vegetable Seed Srl, in October 2022, organized two technical meetings aimed at farmers, nurserymen and market operators in the regions of Campania and Veneto.

Febo F1

"Our company technical sales team," said Alfredo Amoroso, general manager of the seed company, "presented the wide range of varieties, focusing on some products of major interest in the mentioned areas. This is the yellow lamuyo bell pepper Febo F1, resistant to TSWV and TMV, ideal for spring transplants under greenhouse and tunnel, which has shown an excellent adaptation to climates in the appropriate areas, with optimal fruit set and fruit quality even in extreme heat conditions, as during the past 2022 season."

Febo F1

"We also presented the tomato Adorea F1, oblong segment, TSWV resistances with high tolerance to apical rot," said the interviewee. "This variety has a high productivity above the market average and has a high Long Shelf Life and is well suitable for spring and summer transplanting in central northern Italy. It is mainly appreciated for its productivity and fruit quality, as well as the rusticity of the plant despite high summer temperatures in August and September."

Adorea F1

Other varieties include our ox-hearts Ariosto F1 and Rodomonte F1, which, thanks to genetic resistances to TSWV and TYLCV viruses, are well adapted to second-cycle transplants in Sicily and for spring transplants, as well as for summer transplants in central/northern Italy," added the expert. "These two varieties present high production yields along with high tolerance to summer heat. Ariosto and Rodomonte are particularly resistant to abiotic stresses, due to climate change and in particular to sudden temperature changes that generally create problems for vegetable crops. With these two varieties, our company aims to create a Cuore di Bue range that can offer agronomic and commercial solutions to the entire supply chain, in all areas and for all transplanting and harvesting periods."

Above Ariosto F1, below Rodomonte F1

"There was high interest and active participation by the public who attended the two events, including interventions on the cultivation experiences of the varieties presented, confirming the good outcome of the events, with the large number of participants also with notable varietal appreciation. The Med Hermes Vegetable seeds, in finding solutions to the problems of climate change that is negatively affecting professional horticultural crops, is investing significant resources in the genetic selection of new hybrids that well adapt to extreme climatic conditions, such as those recorded in recent years, with torrid and dry summers and particularly mild winters, but with very low temperature peaks throughout Italy," concluded Amoroso.

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