SAVRpak, a food tech innovation company announced its moisture control technology that extends the shelf-life of produce up to three times will be made available through Jüsto, Mexico’s first online supermarket. Beginning in December, each clamshell of berry varieties ordered through Jüsto will include SAVRpak, a small plant-based thermodynamic pouch that instantly removes condensation - the number one cause of mold, early spoilage and overall reduced quality of berries and other peel-less produce.

Made of FDA-approved food-grade materials, the SAVRpak patch solution is placed in produce packaging before being sealed. Within seconds, SAVRpak’s Atmospheric Control and Transmission (ACT) technology removes 50 percent of condensation and then continues to keep it from forming by absorbing the moisture that leads to sogginess and harmful microbial bacteria.

“We’re excited to announce that Jüsto is our first retail partner to integrate SAVRpak into its food packaging to ensure shoppers have more time to enjoy delicious produce like berries that too often spoil before eaten,” said Grant Stafford, co-CEO.

While online and delivery grocery orders increased by about 50 percent in North America during the pandemic and are expected to continue to grow, Jüsto is one example of the rise of the food and product delivery sector in Latin America as the first 100 percent online and vertically integrated supermarket in Mexico.

In preliminary trials with various global produce growers, SAVRpak has proven to extend the shelf-life of berries, including raspberries, by 4-5+ days and strawberries by 4+ days.

Raspberries with and without SAVRpak after sitting at room temperature for 14 days.

“We not only promise to deliver the highest quality produce we can source, but we also want our shoppers to know we are committed to delivering items in the most sustainable way possible,” said Ricardo Weder, CEO of Jüsto. “With the integration of SAVRpak’s technology, our base of sustainably-minded shoppers will feel good knowing that the produce they’re buying will have a positive impact on the environment. They’ll have a longer window of time to enjoy our berries - ultimately reducing food waste at home.”

In addition to fresh produce, SAVRpak has been fighting food waste and preserving the freshness of hot foods with the launch of its flagship product in 2021. The same innovative technology debuted for takeout and delivery foods, like french fries, pizza and burgers, that too often get cold and soggy in transit from restaurant to home. Today, SAVRpak can be found in hundreds of restaurants in 41 different states across the U.S. to address the number one cause of bad delivery food - condensation.

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