Despite 2G regulations and the high Covid incidence levels, the Christmas business is now in full swing at Freiburg's wholesale market. "The sales of goods to the gastronomy industry is rather restrained. Supermarkets, specialist retailers and weekly markets, on the other hand, are still going strong," says Volkan Günes, managing director of Sun Früchte.

Seasonally, tons of citrus fruits are now handled every day at the wholesale market site. Günes: "We have chosen Italian clementines and oranges because the goods are outstanding in terms of quality. In addition, we offer Turkish goods, such as satsumas. The latter are a tad cheaper compared to their Italian equivalent, but their quality is excellent, and this makes them very popular with our customers. From a longer-term perspective, satsumas are also seeing more and more demand in this country."

Sun Früchte, located at the Freiburg wholesale market, celebrated its 25th anniversary this year.

The Turkish fruit range is rounded off with Sultana grapes, grapefruits and even pears. "Italian pears are already hard to come by throughout the season. Due to the noticeable shortages, people have increasingly resorted to Turkish pears this year," Günes says.

Spanish chilies

Vegetables from Spain
Furthermore, loose vegetables are among the perennial favorites in the wholesale trade throughout the year. "We now source pointed peppers and various chilies from Spain. The latter are often pickled in oil and traded as delicatessen." The Spanish fruit vegetable season usually runs from November into May at the wholesale company. "After that, we start the Belgian season, although this year we had to start a little earlier with Belgian greenhouse produce due to a lack of supplies."

Overall, the management of Sun Früchte is quite positive about the future. "We have seen about a 20% drop in sales, so the financial damage is limited. Many of our gastro customers - such as Italian and gourmet restaurants - have come through the crisis relatively unscathed. However, I don't make predictions anymore, because due to Covid, it is impossible to predict the situation at all."

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