The market of Rungis is getting ready for the end of the year festivities, but concern is growing about the fifth wave. Wholesalers are faced with the fact that restaurants are not doing a lot of business right now, dealing with many cancellations. Additionally, the government has asked French people to limit their family reunions and gatherings around the holidays. Despite the low level of activity, the wholesalers are still hopeful.

“For the moment, we are waiting to see how things will evolve, regarding both the pandemic and the government’s announcements. We deal with it day by day, hour by hour. It is quite difficult because we cannot plan ahead. And the reports in the media are all contradictory,” explains Frédéric Champion of Pomleg, a company based on the Rungis market since 1969.

“It is not really taking off. In the stores or the markets, the attendance is very low. Compared to 2020, there is a clear loss because during the lockdown last year, people were cooking more. This time around, I assume that the ones who can afford it grab every opportunity to leave their house because the threat of another lockdown is still very real.”

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