In recent years, the Lubera® breeding programs have been steadily expanded into vegetable breeding. The first breeding program is now literally bearing fruit. "We are pleased to present our Open Sky® outdoor tomatoes. Our Open Sky tomatoes are designed to simplify cultivation in the home garden. By strictly selecting the healthiest plants, we have developed varieties that can be grown in the garden without further weather protection in Central Europe and are also high-yielding," says a Lubera Edibles Ltd statement.

The first resistant black tomato. Image: Open Sky® Happyblack®

Open Sky® outdoor tomatoes
"But why tomatoes of all things? This question is bound to come up sooner or later. The answer is quite simple: growing tomatoes in a home garden, even with the healthiest varieties available, is hardly feasible without protection from the weather. It was certainly impossible during a summer such as we had in 2021. Besides, the tomato is the most popular vegetable in Germany. Apart from potatoes, which are in a category of their own, the tomato ranks first in per capita consumption in the vegetable category, with over 28 kg per capita per year. In second place is the carrot with a good 11 kg per capita and year already very far behind.

Tomatoes are therefore one of, if not THE, most popular vegetables in Germany. And with our resistant Open Sky tomatoes, we want to enable every willing hobby grower to grow their own tomatoes without having to invest a lot of effort in protection from the weather."