Bol Peat has just expanded its range of renewable raw materials with TerrAktiv bark humus, composted tree bark, which can now be used in substrates in addition to peat, coir, and GreenFibre wood fiber.

Market demand for renewable raw materials
In response to the increasing demand for renewable raw materials by various stakeholders, Bol Peat has expanded its range with composted tree bark. The parent company in Germany has been researching suitable alternatives for years. After a period of several years, they now deem the time ripe for the presentation of TerrAktiv bark humus. The product is only available on a limited basis, but production is expected to meet demand by the end of 2022.

The new renewable raw material from Bol Peat has a stable pore structure, has a positive effect on aeration and drainage in substrates, creates balanced water retention and good rewettability, is a strong buffer for pH and nutrients, and limits diseases due to a high natural microbial activity. In contrast to green and organic compost, TerrAktiv bark humus has a low pH value. The material is lighter in weight and the salt load or EC of the material is low.

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