The seed house Yuksel Seeds has obtained tomato varieties resistant to the rugose virus (ToBRFV), a contagious plant virus that spreads easily by mechanical transmission and makes tomatoes unmarketable. Although its incidence is not yet as devastating as in other countries, this is undoubtedly great news for the fruit and vegetable sector.

Azarbe tomato.

This tolerance only demonstrates the clear commitment to innovation of the Turkish seed company, which is specialized in hybrid varieties. Among the varieties already consolidated in the sector, we can highlight the tasty ribbed tomatoes, especially the pink variety Cassarosa; the large-caliber plum tomato Marcus, which remains a favorite of marketers for the domestic and export markets; the black tomato Sacher, or early sowing tomatoes, such as the Azarbe and Soda, which provide a solution to cultivation problems in the face of excessive heat, both as regards fruit setting and plant resistance to pests and diseases.

In other segments, we can highlight sweet bell pepper varieties such as the Princessa, eggplants like the Negratín, and recently, the short cucumber Bohol, which has been presented as its main innovation in the field of cucumbers for spring and summer.

Bohol short cucumber.

The short cucumber Bohol, ideal for spring and late summer transplants
Bohol is a variety for spring, summer and early fall cycles. Its ideal planting date is from February 15 to September 15, as it achieves a great fruit setting with heat and has an excellent regrowth, leading to productivity increasing by more than 15% compared to similar varieties.

Bohol short cucumber.

It is possible to plan a visit to see our Bohol cucumber crops in Balanegra planted in soil, or those of our trial farm in Tierras de Almeria on hydroponics. To request a visit, please contact Amelia Martinez at 690 171 055, or arrange it via our social media or website

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