Frédéric Lacorre is responsible for the fruit and vegetable section of the Leclerc hypermarket in Châtellerault, France. According to him, the job of a greengrocer cannot be improvised. "You have to be passionate and have a thirst for knowledge about the products sold in order to be efficient on a daily basis. I very often remind my staff that when arranging the shelves, they must always ask themselves the question: "Do I like this department and its products?"

Frédéric's team pays a lot of attention to the presentation of the products. "The amount of choice, the color, the arrangement, the signs and the use of recipes are all essential to spark customer interest and purchases. Consumers must know that they will always find quality products, advice and suggestions in their fruit and vegetable department."

The hypermarket's fruit and vegetable section consists of 2 large islands, 2 medium-sized islands and a wall. "Our customers have access to a wide range of seasonal fruits and vegetables sold in bulk and in trays. There are traditional fruits and vegetables, an exotic section (with both fruits and vegetables), a section reserved for organic fruits and vegetables (also with local products if possible), a dried fruit section, a refrigerator with processed products, another with fresh-cut products and a wall with garlic, onions, shallots and potatoes."

When selecting products, Frédéric's primary criteria are seasonality, freshness, quality and - where possible - local production.

The Leclerc hypermarket in Châtellerault has a surface of 5,400 m². It has all the traditional departments, which are supplied locally whenever possible.