"The situation is normal in the pumpkin market, with a good quality product," says Vincent Elegoet, from the Saveurs du Bout du Monde company. Currently, the Breton company, which is specialized in some specific products, is focusing on basic pumpkins, such as Hokkaido or Butternut squash. "After the lockdown, we prefer not to sell more niche pumpkins, such as the blue or green. These products are sold for Halloween, but with the closure of restaurants a few days ago, this market has disappeared. Meanwhile, large retailers continue to show no interest in the most basic pumpkins."

Whole and sliced Butternut squash 

The lockdown has also had a negative impact on the demand for "specialized small vegetables". This is the case of crosnes, for example, which have tended to be much more demanded by restaurant professionals than by individuals. Vincent says that "despite the limited sales, we must remain optimistic and find solutions to optimize the work of our producers."

This spring, Saveurs du Bout du Monde launched a program that consisted in the offering of baskets containing seasonal vegetables. It was a positive experience, as it made it possible to reduce waste, to work with a non-profit association of local merchants, and to get some people to enjoy new flavors. "For logistical reasons, we will not repeat the experience this autumn. Let us hope that the health situation starts improving very soon!", says Vincent Elegoet.

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