There are now new graphics and new content for the website of Caligari&Babbi, who specialize in fennel. The address remains the same:

Vittorio Caligari and Marco Babbi

"Our brand Finò is known all over Europe, so it was time for a restyling of the website, alongside with the new company headquarters location, opened a few months ago," explained the sales manager Marco Babbi. "Given the Europe-wide dimension, the content is also translated into English and French".

The Finò supply chain, in a screenshot from the new website

The website is simple, easy to read and without too many distractions. It resembles Marco Babbi and Vittorio Caligari, the two owners who started very humbly in 2006 and built a consolidated company, day after day, on the basis of results and reliability. 

The exterior of the new processing plant

"We are not for visibility at all costs. Our customers know us as a professional and reliable company. We are a reliable partner for constant supplies in quantity and quality, all year round. First of all, we value the human relationship and mutual respect," pointed out Babbi.

Finò abroad

The various sections of the website provide simple and linear information. There is a Who we are section that shows the most representative production in numbers, and then a What we do section, and a photogallery with the new plant. One section is also dedicated to export, one of Caligari&Babbi’s strongest segments.

"The new website is intended as a  business card for our established customers and for potential new partners, Especially to those buyers who are looking for high quality, reliability and expertise," concluded Babbi.

Caligari & Babbi srl
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Savignano su Rubicone (FC)
Phone.: +39 0541 942599