The second Corona wave keeps fruit traders in all corners of the Federal Republic on their toes. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, too, the numbers have risen rapidly in recent weeks. However, a complete lockdown like the one in spring is not expected by fruit and vegetable wholesaler Güdük in Rostock, says managing director Fatih Güdük.

The last plums are now hitting the market, while the supply of citrus fruits and pumpkins in the Rostock Cash & Carry market is expanding. In spite of Corona, sales have been at their usual level over the past few months. "We are located not far from the Baltic Sea coast and deliver a lot to the local gastronomy and hotel business. Many have spent their vacations in Germany instead of abroad, and the hotels on the Baltic Sea were 100 percent full throughout. So we had lots to do."

Fatih Güdük is a 2nd generation trader on the Rostock wholesale trade market. Most of the goods are purchased via the Hamburg wholesale market.

New division for private customers
Güdük confirms that there were no major sales losses at the Rostock full-range supplier. "Compared to the previous year, sales remained more or less the same. In addition to our wholesale business, we also decided -at the start of the crisis- to open our pick-up market to private customers. We have slightly converted the hall so that both wholesale and private customers can now buy from us locally. We will continue to do so after the crisis."

The Güdük company was founded in 1991 and has developed into a full-range supplier for food and catering supplies. However, fruit and vegetables are still the core business of this major supplier. The division is proving extremely stable even in this exceptional year. "I do not see any major shifts so far, neither in demand nor in pricing. Let's hope that this will remain the case for the time being."

Tightening of measures?
But a second Corona wave is also looming in the northeast of the Federal Republic of Germany and a tightening of the regulations cannot be ruled out, Güduk also knows. "I don't believe that there will be another complete lockdown. Gastronomy in our area is still open as usual, but if there were to be a closure here as well, the consequences would be serious for us too."

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