Sales have been regular in both Italy and abroad, with good prices and excellent quality. According o Raffaele Bucella, sales manager of Granfrutta Zani, the market has been going well so far, especially with reference to Tipo persimmons from Romagna.

"Quality is excellent, although we have registered a 20-30% drop in volumes compared to previous years. This is because of the frost in spring."

Most of the Granfrutta Zani produce goes to the domestic big retail chain while, abroad, the fruit is purchased by supermarket chains in Switzerland and Austria, especially where there are communities of Italian origin.

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Once harvested, persimmons are transferred to the processing plant. Zani chooses to process and grade them immediately, sorting them according to their color. They are stored in a warehouses first then, 3-4 days before selling them, they are placed in detanning units for ripening.

Left to right, Raffaele Bucella and Sandro Zani in  a photo taken in 2019

Over the past few years, persimmons have guaranteed profits even in less satisfactory years. "They do not need large investments and management costs are low - one pruning operation and one or two against flies. Harvesting is usually carried out all in one go." 

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