Canadian-based greenhouse grower NatureFresh™ Farms has launched a new line of mini cucumbers.

The company says the 'Unveiled Mini Cucumber' offers extra crunch. They have a pale complexion and are considered mid-sized beauties, making them good for snacks or appetizers.

NatureFresh™ Farms said that by trialing unique varieties in our greenhouses, they discover different levels of innovation within the industry.

The company believes that there continues to be tremendous growth potential for retailers in North America on the entire Cucumber segment. “Retailers are always looking for exciting innovations and new ways to drive categories, sales and enhance the flavor offering for their consumers. Until now, most of the seed variety innovation has revolved around the tomato category. Our new Unveiled Mini Cucumber will help deliver some excitement for consumers and retailers alike!” explained Executive Retail Sales Account Manager; Matt Quiring. “When our discovery team first saw the Unveiled Mini Cucumber, we were attracted to the unique complexion of the product, however after tasting it, we knew instantly that there was something more to it than just looks and wanted to take this variety to the next level and go to market.”

“This is the crunchiest Cucumber you'll ever taste!” shared Registered Dietitian Taylor Bailey. “Cucumbers are high in water, and a source of fibre and antioxidants, which makes them ideal for healthy snacking while standing out with its seemingly invisible skin and delicious crunch. The Unveiled Cucumbers are definitely a dietitian approved snack!”

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NatureFresh Farms
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