Camposol will present its global sustainable concept “Camposol Cares from Farm to Family” (CCFFTF) in the corporate stand in block 25. From the consumers’ demands and expectations, the concept is focused on how Camposol, with its high quality products, contributes to building a better world and helps consumers to live in a healthier way.

The results of the independent market studies Camposol has conducted have been a strong CCFFTF driver. Today, it is not sufficient for the consumer to buy an excellent quality and healthy product. The consumer also wants to know how the producer takes on their responsibility for workers and their communities, the environment, and the planet. These are precisely the aspects in which Camposol brand identity consists.

Jorge Ramírez, Camposol’s CEO, says that the Care for communities is crucial to their company: "Understanding the environment in which we develop is crucial for our company, so we strive to do it in every place where we operate. Camposol is a source of development in the communities and we are concerned about working in a sustainable way. The opening of our productive units abroad represented a challenge, no doubt, for our community management, but it is an opportunity to design and implement plans in line with the sustainability challenges of each location."

The project also has a focus on children, says Ramírez: "Some of our projects include programs and benefits for the children of our employees and the ones from the communities, such as our “Summer Vacations Program”, also constant training for the youngsters in our communities to support them initiating their own business (Laundry Center), a medical facility for the community (Nuevo Chao Medical Center) and a Day Care Center for children or our workers, below 4 years old. Also, we have and integral program for women, with psycho-prophylaxis and prenatal care, as well as training. In Camposol, almost 50% of our workers are women, so we are very concerned of their needs and expectations. In regions like Colombia an Uruguay, we have been also focusing in environmental projects related to water usage and a census of the flora and fauna in order to present a conservation plan for native species."

Camposol cares by controlling its water footprint. "Our water management, along our chain, seeks to achieve efficiency in the use of the resource, based mainly in the use of dripping irrigation systems, which minimizes the use of water through innovation in technology. For example, investing in adapting our irrigation systems to our productive needs; and the promotion of using water from our operations in the irrigation of forests and green areas. The efficient agronomic management has allowed, in the specific case of the avocado, to reduce the volumes of water used in the irrigation of the crop."

Organic is a steadily growing market, so naturally Camposol rises to the opportunity, says Ramírez: "Camposol has identified an important opportunity in the organic blueberry market. To this date, we have more than 180 hectares of organic blueberry production and we are going for more, because we know that we are in line with the needs of our consumers who ask us for an organic product - without GMOs or pesticides. In this sense, our brand "The Berry that Cares" has already completed one year in the market with extremely favorable results. We already have a community of more than 100 thousand followers with whom we share information of interest. For the rest of our crops, one pillar of our value proposition is environmental sustainability and the care of natural resources. Therefore, we privilege the use of beneficial microorganisms, which fight fungi and pests naturally, contrary to the use of conventional chemicals or pesticides, and we have a pest management system that prioritizes biological control."

"We think that there is still a lot of potential for superfoods, among them, blueberries and avocados. The current population growth predicts an increase of 10 thousand new hectares of avocado per year. If we add new markets to it, such as Asia, which is still familiar with the health benefits derived from the consumption of these products, it makes us foresee that there is a space to continue growing in these and other products that are part of a healthy and nutritious food."

Regarding the oversupply of avocados in 2018, Campsol feels it has a responsibility to prevent it from happening again. "This is a job that Camposol has been carrying out for a while, by diversifying its product portfolio, expanding its operations in countries with complementary productive windows, its investments in R&D, the opening of its offices in new markets and the integration of the entire value chain. Likewise, building a brand like Camposol Cares from Farm to Family, with relevant attributes for the current consumer and an attractive value proposition for its customers, strengthens our presence in the market and positions us as a relevant global player." Ramírez concludes.

Camposol cares…

  • for the consumer, offering fresh, high quality, tasteful and free of genetically modified organisms (GMO) products – Camposol produces fruits with a high nutritive value, such as avocados, blueberries, tangerines, grapes, and mangoes;
  • for the collaborators, guaranteeing fair relations with workers and offering them opportunities to develop professionally and personally;
  • for the community, contributing to establish medical and social care to generate wellbeing in an area that was once a desert;
  • for the planet, controlling its water footprint and using a biological control system that gives priority to the natural pest management, as well as the use of beneficial microorganisms instead of pesticides.

“Many of the main supermarket chains worldwide recognize Camposol’s strenght in high quality levels, consistency, traceability and timeliness in delivering our products,” asserts Ramírez. "We are honored to have this trust and respect.”

As one of the few global, vertically integrated fruit growing companies, Camposol has the conditions to guarantee the complete internal control of its supply chain, from its own plantations to the supermarket, to provide sustainably grown fruits on which consumers may rely.

Jorge Ramírez said: “Fruit Logistica is the perfect scene to make an international public know the “Camposol Cares from Farm to Family” philosophy and to dialogue with our stakeholders. This will allow us to continue developing our brand and adapt our products and services even more to our clients’ and consumers’ needs. Our goal is to create an emotional connection of the consumer with Camposol’s brand and provide the families around the world with the best and healthier foods.”

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