“After the International Asparagus Days in Cesena, it can be concluded that entrepreneurs in the asparagus sector are very interested in harvesting asparagus more efficiently, and guiding the harvest by means of foil management,” says Ton Smolders, Crop Specialist Asparagus of Engels Machines. “We conducted extensive field demonstrations for two days, and we showed a large amount of visitors how simple and efficient our machines are in the field.”

Multiple foils at the same time
“The core value of our company is offering solutions for the challenges encountered every day by asparagus growers. The harvesting process is an important factor in that. Engels Machines is specialised in this theme. As a solution, we supply the AspergeSpin in combination with M-arches. The combination of AspergeSpin and M-arches is an essential part in the application of foil management. Because the company offers a patented system in which the arches are along the back length-wise, the machine can lift up and place multiple foils in the desired configuration at once. The system offers six options for how the asparagus foil can be placed on the back of the asparagus. Because of this foil configuration, soil temperatures can be managed. This is leading in yield and quality.”

Interested people at a demonstration during the International Asparagus Days.

By means of demonstrations, the visitors could see how to efficiently place the tunnels and configure the foil. Tom: “The visitors responded enthusiastically to the option of managing soil temperatures.”

AspergeSpin during a demonstration.

Engels Machines also introduced a machine for the harvest of green asparagus. Besides the current electronically driven ASGreen, Engels also offers the mechanically driven ASV.

Introduction of ASV for the harvest of green asparagus.

“Engels Machines continues to innovate to keep returns for asparagus growers at an optimal level. The International Asparagus Days have given both Engels Machines and the visitors a healthy indication about where returns can be increased. That efficiency in harvest is an important factor is obvious from the fact that Engels Machines will supply its 10,000th machine this year,” Tom concludes.

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