Since it was established in 1975, Calderoni Rolando distinguished itself for the innovation it brought to the fruit and vine growing sector, and to the mechanical inter-row operations in particular.

At Interpoma 2014, FreshPlaza met with Alessandro Calderoni (in the photo below), who talked about the latest products - Unica and Variex. These are two machines that have been designed specifically for side (Duples) and central (Variex) weeding.

Alessandro Calderoni next to the Variex machine, which can be equipped with side probes to adapt to rows. 

Unica Duplex
Machine for numerous inter-row operations in vineyards. In addition, it can work on both the left and the right side at the same time.

Unica Duplex.

The machine can also be equipped with various tools: disks for tilling, mini-tiller to cut the grass between trees, blade for weeding, rotary harrow to refine soil, side-shoot and Bio-rotor.

Unica Duplex with mini-tiller.

Thanks to Unica Duplex, you can carry out various operations using a single machine. It has an innovative tree-avoidance system and is very quick. 

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It can also be installed in front of tractors equipped with lifter or reversible drive. It is provided with a hydraulic widening system so it can work on different types of orchards with with varying row widths. The machine is complete with electrical controls supported by an hydraulic pump and an oil cooling radiator.

Variex is equipped with side probes that adjust according to the rows by slightly "touching" the plants without damaging them.

Variex with side probes.

It was designed to make a single passage through the rows, so it adapts to the size of each row.

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Both machines can be combined with various tools, such as the brand new Bio rotor weeding accessory, which operates with vertical trimmers (2,000 rpm) that reduce trunk damage to a minimum. 

Bio Rotor can be applied to the Variex model for a mechanical weeding that maintains trunks intact.

The machinery has the following innovative characteristics:
  • it works very quickly even if trees are planted particularly close; 
  • it cleans trunks perfectly, which is very helpful for organic cultivation, as agricultures don't need to clean them manually;

  • a double version is available (Duplex Dx-Sx), so you just need to pass through the rows once and save time.
  • the extension system means operators can work also around big trunks;
  • the special bonnet prevents the machine from bumping into trunks. 

Bio Rotor.

As regards the reference markets, Alessandro Calderoli told FreshPlaza that "at the moment, because of the economic crisis and the effects of the Russian ban, we mainly sell abroad (60%). We also have clients from Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine".

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