At the Interpoma trade fair, the South Tyrol associations VOG and VI.P, in collaboration with the marketing organization and owner of the brand rights ENZA, will unveil the innovative new envy® apple, which was originally born in New Zealand.

By 2020, a total of 100,000 tons of envy® apples should be grown and commercialized worldwide - the stated target of the New Zealand marketing organization ENZA. To help achieve this objective, a project was launched for the apple, at the moment grown primarily in New Zealand, that spans five continents.

As part of this global plan, VOG and VI.P signed a contract with ENZA in 2012 assuring the two associations exclusive growing rights in Italy and - starting in 2013 - should see the planting of 370,000 trees by 2016, extending over 110 hectares in South Tyrol, of which two-thirds fall in the territorial area of VOG with the other third located in Val Venosta (VIP). These planting operations, at maximum yield, should produce an annual crop of 6,000 tons, to be supplemented in future by further plantations in other regions of Europe (e.g. Spain and France).

Commercialization in the markets of central and northern Europe will be managed by ENZA (Belgium) while the UK market will be handled by WWF (UK). The two associations VOG and VIP will be responsible for the development of the Italian market. They will supply a number of Mediterranean countries in commercial partnership with the Enza partners holding envy® growing rights in these countries.
Imports from New Zealand and European production should ensure that demand in Europe can be satisfied throughout all twelve months of the year.
envy® and its features.

The name of the variety is Scilate, while worldwide commercialization is being conducted under the brand name envy®.

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