The Brazilian fig season is under way but this year it has been delayed by the drought affecting the country.

Denise Braga from Batia said they started harvesting a few days ago, "The drought has not affected the volumes but has caused a delay in the season. Luckily we had some rain early last week which helped bring on the fig harvest."

Denise expects at least 450,000 boxes of Purple de Valinhos for export this season, in addition to those for the local market.

Demand is strong on the domestic market in Brazil, particularly in the local market of São Paulo. The export markets for Batia are mainly Holland, Belgium, Germany, UK and Switzerland.

"Our clients located in Belgium and Holland re-export to all the other countries in Europe." Denise said it was too early to be sure of the volumes as the season has just started, "The first volumes harvested are always inconstant and it is still too early to foresee if there will be shortages. Our forecast is that this will be a very good season."

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