Although there used to be multiple importers active with Florida Grapefruit, nowadays the number of specialists can be counted on one hand. "Not everyone has the customers for it. Real specialists still appreciate the grapefruit from Florida. Florida grapefruit might have a little more peel damage, but it is the tastiest, with twice as much juice, a thinner peel and a much higher brix level than an orange," says Wilko van der Zwaard of Wilkofruit.

"It's a trend in the Netherlands that fruit has to be cheap, but we still have customers who are prepared to pay. This ranges from retailers to market sellers. We have customers from 5-10 packages to full cars for the supermarkets," continues Wilko. "The local market in the United States is good, but we get weekly supply in the sizes 30 to 64. We have enough product available. At the moment we're making prices of 17.50 Euro to 23.50 Euro for the largest sizes (30). We offer the product in nice shiny Gaudias cartons with nice black stickers. A deliciously tasty product like this deserves a good appearance. Gaudias, fruits for pleasure," concludes Wilko. 

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Wilko Fruit
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