Last Monday, Simba Vegetables, a new root vegetable distribution company opened its doors for business. This new company is a collaboration of Sijm Agro bv and Maurice Ott who in recent years worked for Flevotrade Dronten. The new trading company sells vegetables produced by Sijm Agro and also from other growers. The selection will consist of onions, potatoes, carrots, cabbages, Dutch cauliflower and broccoli. 

For years Sijm Agro have grown potatoes, onions and carrots and operated a sorting/packing station for the potatoes and onions. Robert Sijm had, for years, been toying with the idea of starting a trading company alongside their standard business. In January, despite happily working with FlevoTrade, Maurice had the ambition to start something for himself and he approached Robert. The travel time from his home in Hoorn also played an important role in his choice. 

Maurice believes that there is definitely room for a new player in the vegetable trade. "With around 10 years experience in the trade I have built up a broad network. Our desire to respond to customer needs is what will define us, we will pay attention to detail."

Simba Vegetables plans to do business within the EU and focus on England, Ireland, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Maurice expects that around 20% of the total production volume will come via Sijm Agro and the rest from third parties. "Thanks to our contacts we can offer products in all sizes and packages."

The new trading company operates from Sijm Agro's premises because of the automated Green Commerce packet from Jem-id. Simba Vegetables is GlobalGAP certified and HACCP certification is on the way. "I have every confidence for the future. We have set up a solid business structure and suppliers can request credit, if desired as we have noticed increased demand for this." 

For more information:
Simba Vegetables bv
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Tel: +31(0)228-745392
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