The new concept Rockit has been a success from when it was introduced, according to Petra Wautaerts of the Limburgse Tuinbouwveiling. This year the Limburgse Tuinbouwveiling in cooperation with tree nursery Rene Nicolai started the marketing of the New Zealand concept Rockit. This concept contains a plastic tube with five small apples inside. Depending on the size of the apples there are also tubes with three or four apples, but five is most common. LTV is the exclusive grower in Belgium and seller in the Benelux and Scandinavia (LTV Fresh).

One container
Rockit apples originally come from the east coast of New Zealand and have been available since 2010. The variety and cultivation code of the small apple is Prem A96. The miniature apple was introduced by Havelock North Fruit Company and is at the moment available in New Zealand, Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States. From this year the apples were also for sale at the Belgian and Scandinavian markets. Petra said that the season is almost over again, "We have sold well in Sweden and Belgium. The demand was much higher than the volume. We now had one container from New Zealand, but next year we expect two or three containers. In addition we also have our own production on one hectare next year. This year in Belgium an extra 5 HA will be planted and consequently the volume will increase during the coming years. The number of trees in Belgium will then be trebled.

Worldwide concept

In addition to production in Belgium next year trees will also be planted in Italy. In America there will also be an increase in area. They have signed a license for selling in America, Mexico and Canada. Australia is also part of the concept. It extends all over the world." According to Petra clients are very enthusiast. "The apple is fantastic and tasty and is a cross with Gala. Also the very red colour is very appealing. The combination of lasting freshness and the appealing look is not seen in any other apple. We will see all the buyers from this year again. Next year there will be more volume, but it will remain difficult to allocate, as the product the product has been promised in Norway and Sweden. Next year we will be in a position to make more clients happy. Retailers are mostly the buyers, but at the moment there are also discussions with petrol stations. Regarding price Rockit is in the high segment. The apples are not sold per kilo, but per tube."

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