Joko Impex has been active in the import of coconuts for years. Sales have been going very well the last few weeks, according to Hans van der Kooij. "During the summer Southern Europe bought a lot of coconuts, but despite Southern Europe partly dropping out, Eastern Europe has taken an important part taken over. I expect a further increase in demand in the coming weeks, especially from Eastern Europe and Germany."

Bales of Ivory Coast in sizes 40 and 50

At the moment there are sufficient amount of coconuts from Sri Lanka and Ivory Coast available, according to the importer. The larger and more expensive nuts come from Sri Lanka and the bulk nuts are from Ivory Coast," the importer explains. "The price is stable between 11/12 Euro for the nuts from Ivory Coast and about 20 Euro for the coconuts from Sri Lanka. Various producers in Ivory Coast are now in possession of
GlobelGAP-certificates, which will improve sales further. We are busy importing Fairtrade-coconuts from Sri Lanka."

Carton, size 16 Ivory Coast

When asked whether there is a lot of competition on the coconut market, Hans replies: "The competition is quite clear and the market is well controlled. The relationship with Lorenza, the Queen of Coconuts from Roveg, is so good, that we help each other more than that we compete. Of course there are cowboys trying to enter, as there are everywhere else, but you need very low price to do that without clients. When you look at the small margins being made this usually ends very quickly."

Left and below right: coconuts from Sri Lanka
Top right: size 20, open top Ivory Coast

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