Supplies look steady in U.S.-grown lemongrass. “We don’t foresee any issues right now with lemongrass,” says Camilo Penalosa of Miami, Fl.-based Infinite Herbs. “The farms we work with have had steady yields. Sometimes we have shortages but it’s more often in the summer but this time of the year not so much.” 

Steady supplies mean yields overall seem to be up over last year. “Last year it was a little shorter,” says Penalosa. “Last year they had some months with shortages and then more people get enthusiastic about planting and then there’s enough this year.” 

Ethnic market grows
Meanwhile demand for lemongrass continues to grow across North America. “More people are trying ethnic foods and lemongrass is found in a lot of ethnic groups,” says Penalosa. “Five years ago, none of our clients to who we sold clamshell herbs to carried lemongrass. Today most of the clients who we sell herbs in clamshells are carrying lemongrass now so there’s definitely a demand.” 

Interestingly, Penalosa is seeing demand for organic lemongrass too. “The demand is greater for conventional because those in the ethnic market buy a lot,” he says. “But the organic also moves.”

That said, prices have dropped slightly. “Prices are lower than last year and it’s been pretty steady this winter,” he says. “But we don’t foresee any drop in price in the coming months. We think it’ll be steady.” 

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