On the back of seeing a growing need for specialty potatoes and onions in the market, Colorado based Strohauer Farms started allocating more of their resources into this area. This was back in 2006, shortly after the company also started growing organic produce.

"We are always striving to increase our quality first and foremost, but then also our production. We continually grow every year. We are trying a couple different fingerling varieties this season as we continue to see growth in the fingerling potato segment. We've increased acreage, including organic. We expect to produce the high-quality potatoes and onions our consumers rely upon this season." said Amber Strohauer, who is in charge of Business Development.

The company currently operates out of Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. The southern states allow the growing season to begin a few weeks prior to the season in Colorado. This year's growing season is expected to began in mid-March with harvest starting in mid-July.

"We have early varieties in both the fingerlings and russets, which allow us to plant early, as well as late varieties that allow us to plant and harvest them later in the season.

Banana fingerlings are still the frontrunner when it comes to what consumers purchase most frequently in this category. Although, Megan said that purple varieties are becoming more and more popular each year, especially this past season.

"Many nutritional thought leaders, such as Dr. Oz, continue to push the antioxidant power of purple potatoes. The color also attracts a leading segment of buyers who seek to create interesting, flavorful and nutritious meals." said Megan.

Strohauer supplies markets across the nation, but as more consumers demand more local products from their grocery stores, they are increasingly servicing that demand in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma.

"Organic purchases continue to increase each year. While consumers may not buy all organic, they may purchase a few organic items each shopping trip. More and more grocery stores are now offering organic produce to their customers."

Along with potatoes, the company also grows onions, with a focus on specialty varieties, which are all available in organic. They grow pearls, boilers, cipollinis and shallots alongside the traditional white, gold and red "mainstay" organic onions.

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