Seed potatoes from Finland amounting to 3,890 tonnes can be sold to Russia. This is the result of an inspection tour at the Russian Plant Protection Service Rosselkhoznadzor during 25th - 27th November 2014.

Experts said that the samples from Finland didn't contain any quarantine diseases. They have already sent information to tolls and also regional and private checkpoints to simplify the trade between those two countries.

At the end of 2014 the potato prices increased due to the high demand before the holidays. At least growers achieved prices between 25 and 28 EUR/dt per bag. The average price at the Moscow wholesale market actually increased in the last week of the year to 30.00 EUR/dt (previous year: 19.00). According to Fruit-inform the price increase in Russia has slowed, because of very cheap supplies from Ukraine. Due to the decline in value of the ruble, products from Israel and Iran are too expensive for the Russian market. Therefore the Russian interest for their goods is pretty low. Despite active trading with traders from the Crimea and many exports to Georgia and Belarus, the producers prices in the Ukraine are stable.