Berries Paradise has announced two recent initiatives--the release of 'Sweet Bliss™' and its eco-friendly blueberry packaging. These endeavors are launching initially at a major retailer in Mexico and subsequently expanding to the U.S. and then globally.

Crafted from the company’s premium varieties of blueberries, Sweet Bliss berries are meticulously sorted using state-of-the-art technology and selected for their taste experience. They are guaranteed to have a sweetness level of 14 Brix or higher, surpassing conventional standards.

Packaged in an 11 oz and 18 oz container adorned with a vibrant, colorful label, the brand promises a playful visual appeal. The label features a mix of pink and green diagonal stripes, conveying a fresh, fun brand image and a sense of youthfulness and vitality, emphasizing the premium quality of the product. The intentional use of bright and multiple colors is a strategic choice aimed at capturing attention in a competitive market.

Sweet Bliss.

Berries Paradise also introduces its latest eco-friendly blueberry packaging as part of its commitment to sustainability. Crafted from sustainable certified sources, the 6oz packaging is made from 100 percent recyclable materials.

The transparent film of the packaging is made from cellulose, a natural and renewable resource. This cellulose film not only enhances the durability ideal for blueberry packaging but also acts as a natural preserver. It ensures that the freshness and quality of the blueberries reach consumers in impeccable condition. Additionally, the grower/shipper’s commitment to sustainability extends to its use of solar panels, recycled clamshells and organic products in its processes.

Eco-friendly blueberry packaging.

After its introduction in Mexico, the company looks forward to bringing these offerings to other markets, marking its global commitment to a cleaner, greener planet.

Visit Berries Paradise at Fruit Logistica Berlin this week, Hall 25, stand C-28.

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