Agricultural products, especially peppers, play a vital role in Ukraine's food market.

Ranked 18th globally in pepper production, Ukraine cultivated 181,300 tons in 2020. In 2021, the country produced 163,000 tons of sweet peppers, with 25% of the total production coming from the Kherson region.

The pepper season in Ukraine spans July to October, witnessing a significant price increase in winter. The pepper's consumer price index reached 110.21% in January 2022.

From 2016 to 2022, pepper imports to Ukraine tripled, reflecting a healthier consumption culture and year-round vegetable consumption.

However, the market faced challenges in 2022 due to the war, resulting in a 38% contraction. Pepper imports plunged by over 2 times to 12,300 tons, and production decreased by 33% to 1,086,000 tons, increasing prices.

While 2023 pepper cultivation data is pending, estimates anticipate a 20% harvest increase. Expansion in cultivation areas in central and western regions contributes to growing sweet pepper production. Among 1000 sweet pepper varieties, six are best suited for Ukrainian cultivation.