Since mid-November, the cucumber price has been dropping. Last week, the average price at the auctions of the Union of Belgian Horticultural Cooperatives (VBT) fell below the five-year average. The unit price is at 48.10 euro cents. The lettuce price is also dropping, for the first time in weeks. Tomato prices have remained stable, while strawberry prices are rising again after a slight dip.

The average price for loose tomatoes in week 48 is 1.182 euros per kilogram. The average price for vine tomatoes is 1.74 euros per kilogram.

The average price for lettuce in week 48 is 74.7 euro cents. In week 47, the price was still at 82.2 euro cents.

After a slight dip in week 47, the strawberry price is rising again in week 48. On average, the price per kilogram is 10.05 euros. The volumes are lower because growers ran out of their productions earlier due to high temperatures in the fall and summer. The first illuminated crops are already back in production.

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Check the VBT figures for week 48 here for vegetables.