Due to the uncertainty of Spanish growing conditions more European retailers have shown interest for capsicum grown in Israel to secure supply. According to Avi Bar from Mor International in Israel, "There are some European retailers which are interested in increasing capsicum programs with us due to the uncertainty with the growing situation in Spain."

This follows after Spain had a torrid spring and summer season of record drought and harsh weather conditions that caused widespread damage in the fresh produce sector. Israel, on the other hand, has reasonably stable weather with much sought-after produce. "Our season is running quite smoothly. We started the export of capsicum from the Arava region a couple of weeks ago. We are the biggest exporter of capsicum out of Israel. We planned to export about 12,000 tons. We currently export to Russia, the US, and Europe."

However, following the attacks and war a month ago, the uncertainty during the first weeks and limited movement of people led to very little packing, that has now resumed, says Bar. "The business had been partly on hold in the first weeks of the war, as southern growers weren't able to work, but it has been recovering in the last weeks while we're working at almost full force. Logistics are running fine, and ports are fully operating, so in general, we don't see a major impact on our sales."

Mor International exports avocados and citrus as well, which is ongoing states Bar. "In parallel, we are exporting avocado to Russia mainly, and citrus. At this stage, we mainly send the Sweetie variety to some markets," concludes Bar.

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