As expected, Peru sent fewer mangoes from its northern Piura region to Europe. Henk van der Meij of Hars & Hagebauer knows this first hand. He visited the Peruvian growing areas last week. "There are long rows of empty trees, particularly in Piura. Some farms have as much as 70 to 80% less fruit," he says.

There are many empty trees in the Piura region in Peru. These should be hanging full of fruit.

"El Nino isn't solely to blame. A lower average temperature means less fruit setting, resulting in far less fruit. The young trees bore especially little fruit." The situation looks more favorable for the later areas, according to the importer. "Casma also had empty trees, but their situation is much less severe," Henk explains.

In Casma, unlike Piura, the trees are bearing fruit.

The current market situation is the opposite of what it was several weeks ago, he says: "After a long period of market shortages, now there's actually a slight surplus. Prices are, thus, much lower, though still not as low as in other years. But, they differ vastly from a few weeks ago."

But, in Casma, too, there are plenty of empty trees.

"Perhaps we all let the mango market boil over a little because the past month's prices weren't healthy. When the Brazilian season ends in early January, Peruvian mangoes should arrive on an in-demand market," Henk concludes.

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