With the automatic weighing and banding machine by Freshtech Solutions, the entire production process of weighing, bundling, and banding is automated in one machine. This is suitable for packaging various products such as zucchini, pointed pepper, leek, asparagus, carrot, and rhubarb.

The products are manually placed in the 10 weighing units, and an optimal combination is made based on the pre-set weight. The banding machine creates a bundle by bringing the loose products together with a band. This bundle is discharged via a conveyor belt that, if desired, can be connected to a turntable. In this way, all products end up in one hub.

The automatic weighing and banding machine is compact and has a capacity of up to 24 packages/min per line. Depending on the desired production speed within your business process, multiple lines can be placed next to each other to increase the overall capacity.

The automatic weighing line can also be directly linked to a flow pack line. If multiple automatic weighing lines are connected in-line to the flow packer, a total capacity of up to 4000 packages per hour can be achieved.

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