Chinese onions are gaining prominence in the wholesale markets of Khatunganj, Asadganj, and Chaktai in Chattogram, outpacing Indian and Myanmar varieties. The affordability of Chinese onions has led city residents to opt for them in large quantities over the last few days. Consignments of Chinese onions have been continuously entering Khatunganj, with the onions imported in air-conditioned containers through the Chattogram port.

Sold at prices ranging from Tk50-55, depending on quality, these Chinese onions are notably larger in size. Restaurant owners, in particular, prefer the larger Chinese onions due to their lower price compared to smaller varieties. The imported onions are available in two types: red onions at Tk50 and white onions at Tk55, with each bag containing 20 kg of onions.

In contrast, the availability of Indian onions is dwindling, leading to rising prices. The price of Indian onions, which was Tk93-95, has now reached Tk98. Retail markets in Chattogram reflect this trend, where Chinese onions are selling at 65-70 rupees, while Indian onions are priced at Tk100-110. Wholesalers and retailers are adjusting their preferences based on market dynamics, and the influx of Chinese onions is influencing the overall onion trade in the region.