When Enza Zaden chose to enter the watermelon market just seven years ago, they approached the challenge with specific intention to do things differently. From a foundation of premium genetics and a talented team in the industry, they focused on intimately understanding the market, and the distinctions of regional production areas.

As a deep pipeline of high-quality commercial products took shape, Enza Zaden’s committed boots-on-the-ground began earning the trust of growers, shippers, dealers and retailers by understanding their needs. With the speed to market of winning triploid crimsons featuring outstanding fruit quality and impeccable taste, confidence was earned.

Today the unique, tangible and ‘refreshing’ value that Enza Zaden brings to the entire chain has created a noteworthy buzz of excitement and anticipation, as the portfolio of high-quality commercial varieties expands. With the success of dark mottled striped varieties such as Cracker Jack, Rio Grande and Red Garnet, new additions, including a seedless crimson to be released early in 2024, will continue to push the boundaries of expectation.

“We’re winning customers with the strength of our portfolio, the combination of our fruit quality and taste, our reliability as a supplier, and the depth of our awareness of customer needs in all major production areas. We don’t need to overpromise because we’re confident about what we can and will do to add value and improve operations. Customers appreciate our innovation and enjoy the experience of working with us as much as we enjoy working with them,” said Justin Lanier, Product Manager, Watermelon, Melon and Summer Squash.

The cross-functional watermelon team includes dedicated regional sales representatives, R&D experts, logistics specialists and customer service professionals that all play a significant role in delivering the ‘refreshing’ experience of working with Enza Zaden.

“The quality and consistency of our offering demonstrates our investment in both the program and the talented people that make it happen. Together we take immense pride in having one of the best watermelon programs in the country, and we look forward to making it even better as we work to complete our assortment with segment leaders,” said Ian Botes, Commercial Director, US.

Portfolio additions over the next few seasons will include more top crimsons, as well as minis, specialty melons and pollinizers.

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