The Community's fruit and vegetable export to Canada in 2022 grew by 13% in volume and 20% in value compared to 2021, totaling 89,959 tons and 128.6 million euros.

Exports were led by citrus fruits, with 52,046 tons and 58.2 million euros. They were followed by vegetables included in tariff code 0703, mainly garlic, onions, and leeks, with 10,654 tons and 10.9 million euros, according to data from the European Statistical Office, Eurostat, processed by FEPEX.

In comparison, the EU imports much fewer fruits and vegetables from Canada. In total, the EU imported 554 tons of Canadian fruits and vegetables worth 4.9 million euros in 2022, an increase compared to the 437 tons worth 2.2 million euros it imported in 2021.