With over 40 cultivated hectares of brassicas, Ortofrutta Bernardi supplies white cauliflowers, Savoy cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi and Roman Romanesco broccoli. "We produce almost all products and the weather has not caused too many problems," reports Christopher Bernardi.

While the weather has not had a significant effect on yields, it has however affected the timeframes. "The high temperatures in September and October led to the ripening of multiple products at the same time, while the drop of the past 10 days has blocked the plants. This means there is less produce available now with respect to the peaks of the past few weeks."

Bernardi works by planning quantities with clients. "We try to work in a coordinated manner. Then of course anything can happen during the campaign, but we prioritize clients who plan with us. Prices are very good at the moment and we cannot complain."

Christopher Bernardi and Thomas Canini

Sales are currently very high in Italy, although good demand is coming in from abroad. Demand in Italy is however higher than what's generally available, so most of the production remains within the domestic territory.

There are multiple packaging options. Bernardi clients mostly asked for kohlrabi in bunches placed in crates or bagged; cabbage is placed in fixed or variable weight heat-shrink packets and sauerkraut are also available cut and flow-packed, just to make a few examples.

"All our productions are zero residue. This year we launched useful insects using drones, which reduced phytosanitary treatments to a minimum and only during the early stages. We will use this technique next year as well."

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