China is the world’s largest durian market with expected value of $20 billion by 2025. There are four major rivals in the market and Vietnam is one. Members of Phu Quy Cooperative in Cai Lay district of Tien Giang province are busy these days harvesting durian to sell at the prices of VND97,000-125,000 per kilogram.

Doan Nguyen Duc, chair of Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL), said his company has just sold 440 tons of durian at nearly VND100,000 per kilogram, earning tens of billions of VND. “The buyers of my durian are all big clients from China. As the output is small, I just can sell hundreds of tons,” Duc said.

In 2021, China’s fresh durian imports increased by 82.4 percent to $4.205 billion, four times higher than that of 2017. In 2022, the country spent $4.4 billion to import durian.

Monthong durian prices jump on Chinese demand
The prices of Monthong, a Thai durian variety that is also grown in Vietnam, have surged by 30% this month to VND150,000 ($6.19) per kilogram. In the Mekong Delta and Central Highlands durian prices have shot up last week, with Monthong making the most gains. The highest quality Monthong durians, weighing two to five kilograms, now cost VND150,000 per kilogram, 60% higher than during the fruiting season.

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