WayCools tech stack for food and agri-space aims to optimize YoLa Fresh's supply chain, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing food waste. Food and agri-tech platform provider WayCool Foods has stated that its technology subsidiary CensaNext has partnered with Morocco-based agribusiness marketplace firm YoLa Fresh to boost its operational efficiency.

The alliance would bring in WayCool's cutting-edge technology and expertise to the Moroccan market, helping Yola Fresh optimize its supply chain, boost operational efficiency, and minimise waste.

Yola Fresh is a growing company in the region and it is well positioned to capitalize on the fresh produce market in Africa which is expected to reach USD 1 trillion by 2030, a company statement said. The partnership is a significant milestone for both YoLa Fresh and CensaNext, bringing together the two companies with a shared vision of transforming the agribusiness landscape.

Source: devdiscourse.com