In addition to the dominant domestic supply, potato imports from abroad also increased slightly. According to the BLE, demand could be met without difficulty.

In Germany, there are still individual areas of potatoes that still need to be harvested. According to the trade media, the rainfall in the last week has further exacerbated the situation. The fresh produce that could still be taken out recently has to be marketed quickly due to its quality, which is putting pressure on prices in the short term. On the other hand, more and more storage potatoes are being called up. These potatoes, some of which are of very good quality, are being paid for with corresponding mark-ups.

Demand has picked up thanks to food retail promotions. At the same time, the export market to southern and south-eastern Europe is also gaining momentum. There were hardly any changes in prices last week. The national average producer price at the beginning of the week was 30 to 32 euros/100kg and storage mark-ups of up to four euros/100kg are still being paid for goods in stock.

Lower Saxony:
Ware potatoes showed varying qualities. Meanwhile, the market remained balanced, according to BVNON.

North Rhine-Westphalia:
On the table potato market, supply and demand remain balanced. The industrial market remains a "weather market". In Belgium and the Netherlands in particular, potatoes still need to be harvested, which is impossible under the current weather conditions.

The market for table potatoes is largely balanced. Producer prices are firmer, with significant discounts only to be expected for quality defects. Larger sorting losses can be observed in all batches, and the processing costs for preparation are higher than usual in other years. Oversized potatoes are difficult to market. Improvement potatoes can increase significantly, large parts of the harvest could not be harvested.

Field potatoes are still being offered again and again, which have to be marketed quickly due to their quality. This puts some pressure on prices and results in a wide price range. Overall, however, stored goods are at the centre of trade. A further increase in demand from food retailers is expected at the turn of the month. Wholesale prices have once again remained unchanged. Steady demand is also being reported nationwide and in exports. The situation is also supported by the delayed harvest in the industrial potato sector. In Belgium and France in particular, many areas could not be harvested. Prices for industrial produce have risen significantly.

Potato prices in the state of Hesse remained at the previous week's level. Nevertheless, prices are still well above the previous year's level.